Safari buttercup fairy child fantasy play toys


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  • Buttercup especially loves helping small, delicate plants. Like her namesake flower, Buttercup is beautiful, hardy and aggressive to those who would subdue her, qualities she uses to help those weaker than her thrive. When fairy-children have bullies, they think of Buttercup—and ask for her help, on occasion—to gather their courage and stand up for themselves. 

  • Scientific Name: Fata faierie 

  • Characteristics: Generally, fairies are eight to ten inches tall when full-grown. They are usually human-shaped, usually fair-skinned, and winged, though this is by no means a rule. Fairies have been seen in the shape of small woodland creatures, including small rodents and birds. Some fairies are also innate shape-shifters, though this is not common.

  • Size: 4.5" H